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Cara Jones has travelled the world as a multimedia artist, photographer and filmmaker. These are just a few highlights of projects Cara has been involved in from 2015-2023

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The Peyakôskân Podcast Initiative brings together high school students and post-secondary students from diverse cultures and backgrounds to learn the art of podcasting, collaboration and the power of storytelling to address complex social issues such as racism, discrimination, truth and reconciliation.


Program Coordinator

In.Business is a Mentorship Program for Indigenous Youth that allows young leaders to work with Indigenous business mentors. The program facilitates a business learning environment that sparks the imaginations of our young people about where a business career can take them and the positive impact they can have.


Walking with our sisters

Grande Prairie Collective - Two-Spirit Coordinator

Walking With Our Sisters is a commemorative art installation to honour the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous Women of Canada and the United States; to acknowledge the grief and torment families of these women continue to suffer, and to raise awareness of this issue and create opportunity for broad community-based dialogue on the issue.


Walking With Our Sisters is an entirely crowd-sourced project. From the artwork to the fundraising, even to the way the exhibit tour is being booked, it is all being fueled by hundreds and thousands of people who have chosen to become involved. Collectively we are creating one unified voice to honour these women, their families and call for attention to be paid to this issue. There is power in numbers, and there is power in art.


from Redneck to Rainbow

The Rights & Freedoms of LGBTQ2S+ Youth


In 2015, the City of Grande Prairie’s Youth Council was involved in the amendment made to Bill 10 that enabled all students in Alberta the right to run a Gay-Straight Alliance in their schools. With the introduction of the Gender Guidelines, which is a direct result of the amendment of Bill 10, the youth experienced an incredible backlash from the public media. They were affected by the opposition and were concerned that the voices of youth, who were directly impacted by this opposition, were not being heard.



Co-Creator & Faciliator

Funded by Telus Storyhive in partnership with C.I.A Solutions, Identity. was a film camp for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous youth to learn documentary filmmaking and Indigenous culture & ceremony.

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