People Paper

The People Paper series explores the relationship between individuals and their unique interpretation of language and the human body. Through the act of writing my poetry on people's bodies, I infuse myself, the artist, into each portrait exploring the relationship between intimacy, boundaries and trust.


Sharing this experience through installation photography, video and performance art, People Paper is an interactive moment of reflection that questions the way our social conditioning influences our perception of information, the environment and the people we meet on our journey.

Kelsey People Paper
People Paper Hand 2001
Eva Social Media
Automatic People Paper2
Tina People 1
Taylor Conception social media

Familiar Strangers

The Familiar Strangers photography installation, 2006, explored the boundaries between people and the individuals that take part in our lives daily but are essentially strangers. By crossing the invisible barrier between herself and the Familiar Strangers in her life, Cara engaged each person by taking their portraits and holding space to learn about their individual stories.


The portraits were sandwiched between two layers of plexiglass and hung throughout the gallery by three different lengths of chain. By inviting the public to move through the exhibition space, coming face to face with their own Familiar Strangers, the installation encouraged the participation of individuals who may have previously felt excluded from art spaces.