Dying For A Diagnosis With Survivor Daniel Ross

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As the omicron variant sweeps the globe with its high rate of infection, our health care systems continue to be over-extended, in-person appointments have been switched to phone calls, essential surgeries have been delayed, and terminally ill people have been forced to deal with the repercussions of a pandemic that has influenced access to fundamental care.

My friend Daniel Ross, owner of Ross Screenprint, shares how what seemed like a harmless tumble during a family ski trip turned into an uphill battle for a diagnosis. So, what do you do when all your tests come back negative, but you know there is something incredibly wrong? Dan persevered in the face of resistance and in the end, saved his life.

The First Wave of Optimism

When I look back at the yoga videos I created during that first wave of the pandemic, honestly, I don't even recognize myself. I look so damn healthy and really optimistic.

Shortly after, when things began to open up that summer, I fell headfirst into a waterfall and I hit my head. This led to a concussion, a herniated disc which then led me to walking with a cane and an undiagnosed eye disease.

The eye disease caused me to have five open ulcers in my cornea, and it was extremely painful. But it also went untreated and undiagnosed for five months because I was unable to see a doctor in person. Like a lot of people out there, many people who knew me had no idea that any of this was happening in my life because let's get real, social media is very deceiving. And little did I know that ten minutes away, a community friend of mine also had hit their head, except their accident left them lying on their back for a year with an undiagnosed neurological condition that almost killed them.

My guest today, Daniel Ross, is the owner and operator of Ross Screenprint, a printing apparel company in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Dan started his business when he was just 16 years old, and over the last few decades, he's become such an instrumental part of our community

I've always known him as an active person, healthy, energetic, someone who likes to give back. So, when I heard about the devastating way his life and health took a turn, I was totally shocked. I mean, many of us really didn't know what was happening to him, but not only was he going through this he also had to raise $300,000 for a surgery to save his life that only one doctor could perform in New York. Thank God, the story has a positive ending, and it's a story that we should definitely listen to.

It's a reminder that we're not alone in our struggles, and our current health care system is in desperate need of restructuring.

Here is our interview.

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